Liverpool Network Theatre Group Revue Night

So… having only just recovered from The Abandoned, here’s the next thing to get involved in for all you lovely Networkians out there…

The Liverpool Network Theatre Group Revue Night is going to on Tuesday 10th December at the Pilgrim Pub, Pilgrim Street, Liverpool.

We’re  looking for people to take part in this year’s show. You can bring anything to the table from sketches, monologues and plays, to stand-up, poems, and music.

It’s a fun-filled night and there will be something for everyone!

If you would like to take part in the Revue could you let Scott know by the third or second week in November. You can message him on our Facebook account or send him an email:

The Abandoned: featuring tales from Lovecraft and Poe

Make sure you get to Liverpool Network Theatre’s next performance:

Flyer for Halloween show

Tuesday 29th October, Church of St Luke (The Bombed Out Church)*
7.30pm and 8.30pm
Tickets: £5 and £3 (conc)
Tickets can be purchased on the door or from News from Nowhere on Bold Street.

A village’s pets vanish overnight. A dead body refuses to stay silent. A woman is haunted by an evil unseen.  What happens when the gods are looking elsewhere and those who should not be are left to fend for themselves? Liverpool Network Theatre Group in association with Urban Strawberry Lunch proudly presents three tales of the macabre, the strange and the terrifying. Mwhahaha and all that sort of thing.

Fast becoming as much a Network tradition as the Summer play and Eastenders Zip Zap Boing, the Hallow…een show at St Luke’s is now in its third year and this one is by far our most ambitious!

For one night only. Come join us… if you dare! (And even if you don’t dare, please come anyway, we’ll make sure there’s someone there to hold your hand.)

Please note this performance is not suitable for young children.

* The venue may change dependent on weather. Please come to the Bombed Out Church and if we have to move venue, we will direct you accordingly.