Romeo and Juliet: Auditions

Liverpool Network Theatre is pleased to announce the beginning of summer! Well, the auditions for our summer play at any rate.

Romeo and Juliet, a popular tragedy (with some comic bits) by William Shakespeare, is that play – and we aim to stage it over the weekends of 18-21 and 26-28 July. Andy Kerr is directing.

Auditions will be held on Thursday 25 April starting at 7pm, at Performers (aka the Cotton Factory) on Vernon Street: gives details of the location. Or turn off Dale St at the Vernon Arms and it’s the first building on the right.

No preparation is required (it’s always good to read the play if you can, of course); there will be some text to read on the night.

All who audition will be considered for a part…as long as you’re available for the July dates and can commit yourself to rehearsals. You don’t have to be a Network member (though all cast members will be required to join officially before the play opens).

If you can’t make it at 7pm on Thursday but would like to try for a part, contact Andy

IMPORTANT: We are still looking for more people to help with production, stage management, costumes, props and publicity, so please reply – and cc Andy’s address – if you’d like to help out, whther acting or not.

Uncle Vanya

Liverpool Network Theatre Group Proudly brings Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya to the Lantern Theatre:

 21st – 23rd March 2013, 7:00pm

If you think Chekhov is too posh or too miserable for you then think again. If you think that portraying family conflict and social unrest is old hat, look out the window. Uncle Vanya’s power to amuse and appal us continues.
Buy your tickets online at :, or reserve via phone on 0151 703 0000. Prices: £7 full, £5 concessions (students, OAPs, receiving benefits etc).
This is the story of 9 members of an extended family living on a country estate in 1890s Russia. They are struggling to come to terms with their own identities and the loss of social role, having regrets for the loves they never had and ambitions they never realised. Chekhov’s tale of the country is not idyllic and the family it portrays is decidedly modern, in spite of the Imperial Russian setting. From financial struggle, social change and environmental danger the play tackles themes and issues which are relevant even today more than 100 years on.

Revue Night!

Our annual LNTG Revue Night is on Tuesday 11th December at 7:30pm at the Pilgrim Pub in Liverpool. Come along and see a variety of performances, from sketches and plays to stand-up and music. It’s a fun-filled night and there’ll be something for everyone.

See you there!

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