Summer Production 2019

Liverpool Network Theatre Group Presents

William Shakespeare’s
As You Like It

‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.’

Come and see Liverpool Network Theatre Group at play in As You Like It, one of the world’s all-time favourite comedies!

Follow Rosalind and Celia into the Forest of Arden; finding new and not-so-new friends; making a new life…or are they just cunningly re-creating their old ones? Pining poets, wise and silly shepherds, competing clowns, whirlwind romances…where will it all lead?

Fast-paced, funny, and suitable for all the family, this is summer Shakespeare at its sunniest, staged in some of Liverpool’s loveliest locations. We are performing at the following venues:

Waterloo Marine Gardens, 5th July: 7:30pm
Liverpool Central Library, 6th July: 7:30pm
Sudley House, 7th July: 1pm
Lowlands, West Derby, 12th July: 7:30pm
Reynolds Park, 13th July: 2pm
Reynolds Park, 14th July: 2pm

Tickets available here.

(Please note: if coming to the Waterloo or Sudley performances, it is wise to bring your own seating!)

Short but Sweet Fringe Edition

Our Spring Production is returning on 14th June 2019, at The Casa.

Two short pieces of new writing directed by new directors working with a mentor, and a special preview of our summer show, William Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

Hangman by Ian Gray – A dark story exploring a teenager’s secret. Directed by Julie Hills
On the Shore by Tim Hemmings – A political comedy about the last three dodos on Earth. Directed by Beth Easton.
Preview of As You Like It – Special preview of our summer production touring various venues in Liverpool in July 2019. Directed by Frank Kennedy.

Please come along to see some wonderful new theatre from local writers alongside classic scenes from the Bard’s beloved summer comedy.

Tickets are £5 and are available to buy here.

Network News: February

Hello Networkers!

We hope you had a lovely January and your February has started well.

We would like to thank everyone who came along and saw A Doll’s House for their ongoing support and lovely feedback. We really hope you enjoyed the show.

We now have lots more lovely stuff coming up for you to get involved in.

Spring Show:

This year we will not be putting on a full-length spring show, but fret not! Instead we would like to put on a fun-filled evening of shorts in April/May (TBC).

This is a great opportunity for those who would like to be involved with a show but don’t have the time to commit to a full-length production or if you would like the opportunity to gain experience.

We are looking for short plays (15 to 30 minutes) or entertaining scenes from longer works that are royalty free – so either writers who have been dead for longer than 70 years or new writers willing to donate their work.

If you would like to be involved, please get in touch with your ideas, whether it’s something you have written, would like to direct or perform in or even just something you’d like to see done. After we have selected our shows we will have open auditions as usual so plenty of chances to get involved.

Liverpool Fringe Festival:

The Liverpool Fringe Festival is also coming up (first two weeks of June). They would love for Networkers to get involved so if you are interested please contact them at Our very own Mark Kyle Cooper will be organising an open mic fundraiser for the Liverpool Fringe, so if you have a turn you would like to do, please contact him for more info.

Future Proposals:

Finally, is there a show you would like to do with us? We are now accepting proposals for any point in the future, so if there’s something you’d like us to consider for this autumn, or any point at all next year, or even the year after(!), please send us your proposal. If you would like to provide us with an outline proposal before sending the full details that’s absolutely fine too.

Any proposals received will be considered at the following Committee meeting. Our next meeting is on 25 February.

Coming soon – news of our always popular spring quiz and exciting 2019 summer production!

If you have any questions about any of the above or anything else at all, please come along to one of our workshops (every Tuesday, 7pm, 5th floor of the Tempest Building (above HUS) on Tithebarn Street), contact a member of the Committee; that’s Donna Day (Chair), James Gray, Julie Hills, Frank Kennedy, Sonia Chapman, Liana Jane Bourne, Peter Sebastian or Mark Kyle Cooper.

Summer Show – Julius Caesar

Our summer show is almost upon us and tyranny is alive and well.

Shakespeare’s classic tale of conspiracy, tyranny and backstabbing will be on in various venues around Liverpool very soon.

Ancient Rome is given a modern twist in this gender neutral production. Power is ripe for the taking and whispers and daggers alike lurk in the shadows.

We are performing in some of the most beautiful indoor and outdoor venues Liverpool has to offer, so grab your picnic blanket and prepare to take in our ever popular summer show.

The Ides of March are come, but not yet gone.

Tickets are on sale now!

Julius Caesar Audition date announced

Our Summer Show starts here, looking for some great actors to play various roles in Shakespeare’s classic Julius Caesar. It is very likely that each actor will play two roles. Roles are unisex.. Men and women can play any role. A male Calpurnia or a female Cassius is perfectly fine. To prepare for the audition, we would like all candidates to learn the following lines. (You can still read from script, which will be handed out on the day)

“Thy master is a wise and valiant Roman;
I never thought him worse.
Tell him, so please him come unto this place,
He shall be satisfied; and, by my honour
Depart untouch’d”

It’s likely that we will do some Status group work and if we have time, we will fit in Crowd work and some improv

Really looking forward to seeing some quality performances and having some fun.

Thanks, see you on the 8th 😊👍🎭

Summer Show announcement

Liverpool Network Theatre are pleased to announce their Summer 2018 production will be Julius Caesar. Directed by Sean Gaffney, with the assistance of Rob Steele, and Mark Davoren as Producer, the show is expected to be one of the most successful to date.

Following the sell-out performances of their most recent show, No Exit, staged at The Casa in February, Julius Caesar will be performed at five venues around the city in June and July.

Asked recently about his initial plans, Gaffney said: ‘We are very excited to be able to bring this classic Shakespearean historical piece to Liverpool as it not only commentates on a world changing event, but also reflects the current political landscape, particularly in America, and closer to home with Brexit.

‘So many themes run through this play: envy; jealousy; ambition; honour; and patriotism – something for everyone to feast on.’

Shakespeare’s 21st play – written in 1599 – shows that people are swayed by a good orator but not always for what is good, as good and bad, right and wrong, are put on trial in the hard-hitting historical play that is…


The details:

Prior to Auditions, we will be holding a Shakespeare workshop on Tuesday 20th February at 7pm. Hope Street Limited above Specsavers on Lord St (4th floor) Entrance lies between MacDonald’s and Specsavers.

Auditions will also be held at Hope Street Performers, 4th Floor, Lord Street Liverpool (Above Specsavers) on 8th March 2018, 7pm Rehearsals will start later in March. Performances will be staged as follows: Waterloo Gardens Friday 29th June, Reynolds Park Saturday 30th June, Reynolds Park Sunday 1st July, Lowlands Friday 6th July, Masonic Theatre (Hope Street) 7th July, Sudley House 8th July, Central Library 14th July

Autumn play Director’s pitch

Network are staging No Exit this week (7th 8th 9th February) and we are organising our Summer production of Julius Caesar in July. We are now looking to take pitches for a possible Autumn play and would welcome ideas from anyone interested in directing or producing a particular work. Please respond in the first instance with your idea to

No Exit: Video Preview

Rehearsals for our latest show NO EXIT (Huis Clos) are in full swing!

Andy Kerr is directing, and we are in a hotel room in Limbo, where several damned souls are gathered. At first, the group denies where they are or why they’re there. When the horrible truth dawns upon them, they carp and snipe at one another, blaming everyone but themselves for their dismal fate.
Check out our very special video preview here:
No Exit, written by Jean Paul Sartre. Casa L’pool Theatre 7th 8th 9th February 7.30pm 

Casting call: In Camera (Huis Clos), Jean Paul Sartre

Thursday 14th September 7:00pm at
Hope Street Ltd, 76 Lord Street
Liverpool, L2 1TL

Imagine dying, knowing that you’ve committed a crime and expecting to go to Hell. But instead of finding a fiery furnace, instruments of torture and demons to torment you, you’re simply in an ordinary living room, with two other ordinary people. You’re all in the same boat, seemingly randomly thrown together to grapple with the consequences of your past. Or not, as the case may be. It gradually dawns on you that as much as you want the others to help you make sense of the situation, or comfort you, or provide distraction from your conscience, they won’t be able to. Not only that, but you are destined to grind each other’s gears, locked in the same room together with no sleep for all eternity. Who needs demons? ‘Hell is other people’

Network’s next production, directed by Andy Kerr, will revive Sartre’s classic of French existential theatre, and will provide opportunity for four actors to engage with the characters, themes and contemporary interpretation of a classic text. Cast members will be expected to cope well with direction and concentrated rehearsal process, and to be available for the whole rehearsal run from late September till performance in late November (exact dates to be confirmed) .The play will be performed in English translation from the original French.

Auditions will run from 7-9 and be conducted partly in a workshop environment in small groups as well as requiring some formal script reading which will be made available on the night. It is not necessary to prepare audition pieces, and latitude will be given in acknowledgement of the difficulties of sight reading. Potential cast members should therefore attend the whole session.


Joseph Garcin – His cowardice and callousness caused his young wife to die “of grief” after his execution. He is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and deserted during an unspecified military conflict. He was unfaithful to his wife – he even recalls, without any sympathy, bringing home another woman one night, and his wife bringing them their morning coffee after hearing their engagement all night.

Inès Serrano – Inès is the second character to enter the room. A lesbian postal clerk, she turned a wife against her husband, twisting the wife’s perception of her spouse and the subsequent murder of the man (who is Inès’ cousin).

Estelle Rigault – Estelle is a high-society woman, a blonde who married an older man for his money and had an affair with a younger man. To her, the affair is merely an insignificant fling, but her lover becomes emotionally attached to her and she bears him a child. She drowns the child by throwing it into the lake, which drives her lover to commit suicide.

Valet – The Valet enters the room with each character, but his only real dialogue is with Garcin. We learn little about him, except that his uncle is the head valet, and that he does not have any eyelids, which links to Garcin because Garcin’s eyelids are atrophied.

There is some flexibility in playing ages, with a suggestion that Ines and Garcin are somewhat older than Estelle, who might me in mid to late twenties.

PS It sounds grim, but there is plenty of gallows humour to spice up the moral philosophy, and the rehearsal process of group work with a small cast will be demanding, but fun as long as people can go with the flow.

See you there!

Sandra (posting on behalf of Andy)

Network news: August

Hello Networkers! Here is an update of what LNTG is currently up to 🙂 

Summer show

It’s already almost two weeks since we completed our summer play, The Taming of the Shrew, which was graced with very good audience numbers, very high energy, very mixed weather and a very positive response from those who saw it. So thanks to everyone who came out to experience the show and support your favourite community theatre group! You can read a review by Mark Davoren at North West End at the following link:

We also introduced a beautiful new outdoor venue into our annual tour this year – below is an impression of the cast in full flow at the Seafront Gardens in Waterloo.


As always, our weekly Tuesday workshops persevere, with varying topics and exercises each week. The next one (8th August) will be led by Networker Adrian Rawsthorne and is entitled “A big bag of tools for Creating Character”.

Workshops take place every Tuesday, 7-9pm at “Hope St. Ltd” on Lord Street (entrance between McDonald’s and Specsavers, ring the bell for the fourth floor. The building/workshop space is wheelchair accessible.) They are run on a drop-in basis and attract a wide range of ages and acting experience (beginners welcome)! We ask for a contribution of £3 (£1.50 unwaged) per person.

We are also planning two consecutive workshops (19th and 26th September) which will focus on directing, giving workshop participants a chance to try their hand at this discipline, and others to be directed by them. 

The best way to find up-to-date information is to check our Facebook group at:

We will also be announcing other events in the coming weeks/months, such as a Network pub quiz, our annual Christmas revue and any news about forthcoming productions.


Happy Networking and see you soon. 

Sandra on behalf of LNTG x