Call for proposals – Summer 2016

More exciting NEWS!

We are now looking for proposals for Network’s summer show in 2016. The deadline for submitting initial proposals is 25th January and any proposals we receive will be reviewed at the committee’s next meeting on the same date (so please get your emails/messages in before 6pm).

Dates and venues are still to be confirmed at this point, but the performances typically take place towards the middle/end of July. Please bear in mind that the chosen show will be performed at several different venues, and will include outdoor performances!

If you do have an idea, then please submit your proposal to, including a few sentences about why you think this play would be a good choice and some initial ideas on staging. Both a director and production manager should be included on the proposal.

If you need any advice or have any questions, please feel free to get in touch before you submit. If you have any ideas for a smaller show outside of our usual April/July/October windows, we will be happy to hear from you. Send us an email and we can discuss your plans.

As we mentioned last time, if you have never directed for us before, the self-proclaimed Wicked Uncle of Network, Andy Kerr, has some entertaining and helpful tips which are embedded in this previous post:

Stay tuned for more details about proposals for the Autumn show, which will complete our line-up for a fun and productive Network-2016!

All the best from your friendly neighbourhood Network Comms team x


Open Audition Call: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Hosted by Elaine Stewart & Uma Ramanathan
Date: Monday 11th January 2016
6pm- 7:30pm & 7:30- 9pm
Venue: Hope Street Ltd, 76-78 Lord Street, 3rd floor

Liverpool Network will present The Picture of Dorian Gray, adapted by Neil Bartlett and directed by Elaine Stewart on 7th, 8th and 9th April 2016 at the Lantern Theatre.
No preparation is necessary but knowledge of the novel would be an advantage. The audition will involve readings of a provided script and some group work.
The play has a number of large roles and some smaller roles which double up as part of the Chorus (an integral part of the production). A list of characters is shown below:

Large Roles

*Dorian Gray (Age 20-25)- Main character. The play revolves around a secret pact which leads to the destruction of his soul.
*Lord Henry Wotton (Age 45-60 yrs)- A mentor to Dorian. He is charming and charismatic. He corrupts Dorian.
*Basil Hallwood (20-30 yrs) – The painter of the portrait. A friend to Dorian who is secretly in love with him.
*Sybil Vane/ Lady Monmouth (20-30 yrs) – Double role. Sybil is a young actress who falls in love with Dorian and eventually commits suicide because of him. Lady Monmouth is a young American socialite who is Dorian’s love interest in the latter half of the play.
*Mrs Leaf/Mrs Vane (40+ yrs) – Double role.Mrs Leaf is Dorian’s housekeeper. Mrs Vane is Sybils Mother
*Francis (40+ yrs)- Dorian’s Butler.

Medium Roles
*James Vane – Sybil’s older, protective brother.
*Victor/Alan Campbell (20-30 yrs)- Double role. Victor is Dorian’s French Valet. Alan Campbell is an old friend who helps cover up a crime for Dorian.
*Lady Wotton (40+ yrs) – Lord Henry’s younger, bored, unhappy wife.

Smaller Roles
Lady Carlisle
Lady Narborough
Mrs Erlynne

Please note: Ages quoted are a guide only.
Can you confirm your attendance, audition slot preferred e.g. 6pm – 7:30pm or 7:30pm – 9pm and the role(s) you are interested in by contacting Elaine Stewart by email at or by private message on Facebook asap so that we can plan auditions.

We are also looking for people who are interested in stage managing, set design, costume and props and marketing and publicity.
We look forward to seeing you at auditions.

Network April 2016 Production: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Liverpool Network Theatre Group is delighted to announce that our next production will be Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, adapted by Neil Bartlett, to be staged at the Lantern on 7-9 April 2016 and directed by Elaine Stewart.

Auditions to be held in early January, with exact dates coming very soon. For everyone happier backstage, there will also be opportunities. Watch this space!

Network Christmas Revue!

Where have the last twelve months gone? It’s almost time for our CHRISTMAS REVUE!!!!! This once in a lifetime (OK, once in a year) event will take place upstairs at The Pilgrim pub from 7-9 p.m. next Tuesday.

Hosted by the magical Matt Wade and Matt Davies, it’s our annual shindig, where actors pretend to be reluctant to show off in front of their peers… and everyone gets too pissed to notice.

We are still looking for performers, so if you can dance, sing, act, beatbox, do impressions, hotwire a car or turn into an animal, this is your opportunity! Get in touch with Matt and get